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We are a team of environmental researchers from Israel, who are actively monitoring the Haifa bay area. Our team consists of ten volunteers with academic degrees in various scientific fields: Bio-technology, Systems Analysis, System Engineering, Software Engineering, Chemistry, and Environmental Engineering.

The Haifa bay area is notorious for its extensive petrochemical industry, situated in close proximity to a large metropolitan population (one million residents). For years, negligent operation of the petrochemical factories and refineries was overlooked by Israel’s regulatory bodies. The consequences, in the form of cardiovascular diseases and higher cancer morbidity, are evident.

Long term studies conducted by Israel’s Ministry of Health and the Registrar of Cancer indicate that Haifa suffers from higher cancer rates compared with the rest of the country (26-39% more), and up to five times greater respiratory morbidity among children.

Our goals include reducing morbidity in the Haifa metropolitan area by fighting to improve air-quality. We monitor and research pollution data, and raise environmental awareness among the (somewhat indifferent and inefficient) authorities. We work with Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Health, State Comptroller's Office, as well as green politicians, in order to investigate pollution violations, and propose prevention solutions, mainly in the form of stricter pollution standards and better enforcement.

Recently, we have been working on developing models for aggregated pollution data, alongside their correlation to public health data. We are also collaborating with academic professors and specialists, in an effort to produce an epidemiological report.


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